Project planning

Multimail is an innovative, solutions-focussed print finishing business with technical & production expertise and ingenuity. The business can handle complex, challenging, high volume, high security and time-sensitive jobs.

Multimail has the proven ability to bring designers’ ideas to reality. It can work with designers at any stage of the planning process – the earlier the better – and is uniquely qualified to assess & improve an existing solution or provide a completely new solution, which can influence production flow for a better result.

Steve Watson, Multimail’s owner & operator, keeps up-to-date with overseas trends which he adapts to suit NZ requirements, and his business has the flexibility and ingenuity to create new processes to meet market demand.

Multimail’s sophisticated equipment & advanced technology includes:

  • Pick and Place

    • effectively attaching one item to another, usually with removable adhesive

    • e.g. attaching a plastic card to a brochure, or a sachet to a mailer

  • Wafer sealing

  • Inkjet coding

    • for printing variable data

    • e.g. number, address

  • Labelling

  • Print finishing

  • Perforations

  • Creases

  • Folding

  • Mailers

  • Remoistenable strips

  • Cold glue application

  • "If this is too much technical information – no problem! Leave it to us to handle the detailed technical specifications – this is one of our areas of expertise. Give us a call to discuss your requirements and we will take care of the rest."

    Steve Watson