Naked Mailing Overview

Naked Mailing could be the ideal solution for your next Direct Marketing campaign.

Is it always necessary to have your printed items inserted into envelopes or flow-wrapped?  Did you know you can mail your marketing communications or compliance mail without them?  This method is called Naked Mailing and can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional mailing.

This can be achieved in two ways using either wafer sealing or glue dots both of which can be applied online.

Name and address details can be printed onto the rear cover of the direct marketing piece, mailer or catalogue.  The items can then be sent out in the post without the need for envelopes or flow-wrapping. (In some circumstances we can include inserts please contact us to discuss this option further).

Some forms of Naked Mail are sometimes used as appeal envelopes are not personally addressed. These are designed to offer a cost-effective item that can be delivered directly to a mailbox or to be inserted into other media e.g., Newspapers, Catalogues or Magazines.

We are helping more and more of our clients take advantage of this option – often saving money on both production and postal costs. With the right creative they can also improve customer interest and response rates. Have a look at some of our case studies for some examples of how this can be applied.

Where can cost savings be made?

Production – By sending items out Naked, there is a cost efficiency in removing the cost of the carrier sheets, plus collation and flow- wrapping.  This also removes the need to use envelopes. There are further savings on insertion costs and of course the actual envelopes themselves.

Postal – Naked mail is considered more environmentally friendly and with the right design can attract favourable postal rates.

Would you like to know more about Naked Mailing and whether your campaigns would qualify?  Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

What can we do?

We specialise in creating innovative Direct Marketing Products.

  • On board from 90gm2 to 400gm2
    • 4 page common sizes DL to A4
    • 6 page common sizes DL to A4
  • On common paper weights 90gm2 – 170gm2
    • 6 open gate fold
    • 8 closed gate fold

In short anything that can be folded can be wafer sealed. We offer a complete end to end solution design, print, perforation and crease, fold, wafer seal, apply a printed label in line, address, sort, pack into mail trays and lodge.

Processing personalised stock is a Multimail Solutions specialty so give us a call to see if we can help with your requirements.

We can wafer seal all magazine sizes from DL to A4 with a maximum thickness of up 6mm including up to 5 inserts DL to A4. Our stock size magazine wafer seal is 38mm but custom sizes and shapes can be used. Magazines are sealed with 4 wafer seals can be addressed in line and tagged for lodging with NZ Post.

Environmental Considerations:

There has been a lot of discussion in recent years about the environmental threat posed by single use plastics. By using a Naked Mailing Solution, you can eliminate the need for plastic and significantly reduce the amount of paper used and the processing required to produce a mail ready item. So, if you are looking at ways to reduce your environmental footprint Naked Mailing might be an option for you.

What is often forgotten with labels is the carrier liner which is often made from plastic material and makes up over 50% of material used. Multimail liners are all recyclable. There is no question that our paper wafer seals are 100% recyclable including the liner. Please refer below for a process diagram of the Glassine Recycling Program.

  • "If this is too much technical information – no problem! Leave it to us to handle the detailed technical specifications – this is one of our areas of expertise. Give us a call to discuss your requirements and we will take care of the rest."

    Steve Watson