Naked Mailing Technical Details

Technical Information:

Finished sizes: Direct Mail pieces can be produced in a range sizes including the Standard NZ Post formats from 90mm x 90mm to C4. NZ Post minimum size is 89mm x 138mm. Please discuss any custom sizes that you would like to use. We can produce virtually any size within the ranges specified.

Wafer Seals: Can be produced from either plastic or paper each offering advantages for different applications:

  • Plastic is robust and clear and is virtually invisible on the finished product but they are plastic perfed.
  • Paper is ecologically friendly and compostable. But is more visible on the finished product.

Our stock sizes are round with a 25mm diameter for both plastic and paper. Plastic wafer seals are clear and perfed and paper wafer seals can be perfed or non perfed and as translucent or non-translucent depending on the desired end result.

  • Light paper stocks of less than 170gm2 should use perfed wafer seals and paper stocks170gm2 to 400gm2 can use un-perfed wafer seals.

We can also wafer seal magazines using a 38mm perfed paper wafer seal up to a maximum magazine thickness of 6mm.

Custom Wafer Seals are available from 20mm to 50mm diameter with the limitations listed above. They can also be a range of different shapes and can be die cut and printed in all colours to form meaningful shapes for your application. Let your imagination run wild and have a chat with us we can probably make it happen.

Please note that a custom die would need to be made and amortised across the job so small quantities can be quite costly. This however is insignificant when compared to the increased response rates of a well-designed and targeted direct mail piece can have.

Do it yourself for short runs stock reels of paper wafer seals are also available as perfed or non perfed in reels of 2000 supplied on a 38mm core at $30 per reel plus Freight & GST.

Material Tolerances and Product Specifications
TransUltra™ Paper Tabs

Paper Wafer Seals

  • Thickness: 2.2 mils
  • Tear Strength: MD: 28 grams
  • CD: 25 grams
  • Opacity: 21%


  • Type: Special Purpose Permanent
  • Designed for extremely tight diameter applications.
  • Service Temp: -20° F to 200° F (-7° C to 93° C)
  • Application Temperature: 20° F (-7° C)


  • 40# Semi-Bleached Densified Kraft Liner
  • Thickness 64 microns
  • Tensile Strength: MD 45 lbs/in.
  • CD: 21 lbs/in.

Spot Gluing: As an alternative to using a wafer seal a Direct Marketing piece can be spot glued with removable glue spots colloquially known as Gorilla Snot. Multimail Solutions have unique capability to apply small diameter dots in line at speed. Dots can be of variable size and spacing with precise placement. This technology can also be used to attach a pick and place item onto the mail piece such as a coupon or credit card type gift voucher using a small dot in each corner.

Spot gluing can also be used on 4 and 6 page items.

We are happy to discuss your requirements and advise a solution to meet your specific needs.

NZ Post Information:

We have been working closely with NZ Post to ensure all our products are compliant with NZ Post requirements and can advise on how you can design your Naked Mail to achieve the best possible rate for your bulk mail items.

As a registered mail house, we can also ensure your data is sorted as is required by NZ Post and lodge your finished mail on your behalf.

All our solutions have been specifically approved by NZ Post.

Volume Mail:

  • To be eligible for Volume Mail a 15mm section needs to be left completely clear for NZ Post to apply a barcode. This means that we cannot apply wafer seals on the bottom of the mailer. To ensure compliance with Volume Mail the mail piece should be designed with the fold at the bottom of the finished item relative to the address panel.
  • Please refer to NZ Post Envelope Layout Standards for NZ Post Bulk Mail July 2021 Page 8 Section 2.1 Volume Mail - Key Areas.
  • This does not apply to Fleximail.

Fleximail / Publication Mail:

  • Please refer to NZ Post Envelope Layout Standards for NZ Post Bulk Mail July 2021
  • Page 38 Section 3.13 Self Mailers - Construction
  • Pages 39 & 40 Section 3.14 Self Adhesive Labels – Layout
  • Page 42 Section 5.0 Checklist – For Machine Sorted Mail


  • "If this is too much technical information – no problem! Leave it to us to handle the detailed technical specifications – this is one of our areas of expertise. Give us a call to discuss your requirements and we will take care of the rest."

    Steve Watson