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Plan Your Projects With Multimail

20th February 2018

Designers can save both time and heartache on complex jobs and projects, if they bring an innovative print finisher into the planning process as early as possible.

That is the advice of Multimail Solutions, the Auckland-based company which is expanding its position as the provider of leading-edge technology in print finishing.

One of the key pieces of advice they have for print buyers is that bringing Multimail into the design process will ease the production flow or provide an entirely-new solution — and may well stop a job from going wrong.

Owner Steve Watson an experienced Pride In Print Judge is spearheading a marketing campaign to increase Multimail’s profile as the finisher of choice when it comes to complex or challenging jobs, where success is dependent on finding innovative solutions.

"We complete the process. We provide the solutions, and we assess the process in reverse, so we can plot the right steps needed for the job to go through seamlessly from the start," says Steve.

"And most importantly, we provide the solutions!

"We aren’t designers, we are technical and production people. But we can take the ideas of the designers and assist them to bring those ideas to reality.

"If we can get involved right at the start it is extremely useful because with our own technical expertise, and years of experience providing print finishing solutions, we can influence the production flow for a better result."

Multimail’s advanced technology involves five key roles:

Steve invests a lot of time looking at overseas trends and adapting them for application in the New Zealand marketplace — "The introduction of such technology means that processes which were being done by hand are now done mechanically. This has made larger runs possible and more economic. Jobs which are time-sensitive, can now be done within tight time frames," he says.

Ingenuity also plays a part in producing solutions for customers — and Steve pays full credit to his staff for this.

"Quality of staff plays a big part in giving ultimate customer satisfaction. Our staff multi-task and love a challenge. They will come up with solutions whatever the problem thrown at them. The calibre of our staff is second to none.

"Plus our equipment is from quality, recognised brands. We are prepared to invest in sophisticated technology to ensure we can fill a gap in the market, satisfying a need that was not being met before.

A particular strength of Multimail is its ability to perform a variety of key functions "in line", meaning that the new capability for pick-and-place, camera technology, inkjet coding and labelling can be done in a single pass, in addition to the existing facility for perforations, adding remoistenable strips and folding etc.

Some jobs encompassing coding require high security. These include mystery envelopes, promos and prize "scratchies" where only a defined number of "winners" have to be prepared. Multimail must be able to organise the sequence of the run flawlessly, so that each destination gets its share of winners.

Steve says a key part of Multimail’s expertise is in the manipulation and control of data throughout the production process. Multimail both creates and prepares databases supplied by customers ready for printing text codes, prizes, addresses, bar codes and varied information onto brochures, mailers and other items, followed by camera checking and confirming their accuracy.

Multimail has been involved in some of New Zealand’s largest printing jobs.

"One job was huge," says Steve. "We were given a specific window in which to achieve it and the onus was on us to work out how to do it efficiently and effectively. We put a lot of effort into planning the logistics to ensure it went according to plan. This ensured a successful outcome and the job was completed well in advance of deadline."

In a competitive market, Multimail positions itself at the leading edge — “We aim to give the customer the satisfaction of a top quality result. Nothing goes out that is short of our best. Our belief is there must be inherent value in what we offer to the customer,” says Steve.

“In the end, our work personifies our credibility. We take pride in our product. We love our hi-tech toys, because they have brought new solutions to the print finishing market in New Zealand — and the main thing is that we can see our customers benefiting from our investment.”

More detail on Multimail’s service range can be found at

For further information please contact: Steve Watson